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The safari chair, which was originally designed to be carried throughout the great outdoors in the 18th century, has since become an iconic symbol of adventure and functionality in the world of design. We’ve gathered the finest safari chairs and hunting-inspired chairs now on the market, including designs ranging from plush leather to clean, contemporary lines. These chairs, available in either high-quality leather or canvas, are perfect whether you’re trying to make a statement or relax.

A safari chair, then, what is it?

Traditionally, the concept of a safari chair has been that of a lightweight, foldable chair made for use in the great outdoors. They were designed to be portable and comfortable while being used in harsh conditions, using lightweight, detachable frames. The contemporary safari chair was refined and popularised by Kaare Klint, who was inspired by British military designs (such as the Roorkee chair) and is often credited with its creation. Over time, designers made subtle but noticeable changes to the classic safari chair’s and its sibling, the hunting chair’s, appearance.

Traditional safari and gun seats

This chair and ottoman set was designed by Kaare Klint, the “father of Danish modern design,” in 1933. This timeless piece of furniture, crafted from oiled white wood, has an air of refinement and daring.

Another version of a safari chair with a solid frame by Brge Mogensen, about two decades after the original design by Kaare Klint. This chair’s slightly elevated seat height also makes it an attractive option as a dining chair.

While originals by Swedish designer Arne Norell may be found on sites like Chairish and 1stDibs, replicas are also available in a wide range of leather colours (including avocado green) with ash, oak, or teak frames.

This picnic chair is made of sturdy beechwood and folds up into a compact linen bag. The twist of sisal ropes around the legs is a classic detail that serves a practical and aesthetic purpose. There is a matching foldable daybed for campers.

This hunting chair has a steeply sloping seat that will make you never want to get up. It’s a stunning piece of furniture that will only improve with time.

This 1960 design by Kurt stervig for Ikea is a solid, practical recliner that will look great in your living room. The broad, thick arms are perfect for supporting your favourite mug or teapot.  

Chair design inspired by the modern safari and hunting

Modernising the classic safari chair, metal studs adorn the leather arm slings. The replaceable feather/down mix cushions increase comfort and provide you more styling options for your money. 

For an added layer of cosiness, Anthro Home now offers the Stanton chair with Sherpa upholstery.

This safari chair by Jenni Kayne is a wonderful illustration of contemporary vintage, and its clean, uncluttered lines will contribute to the tranquil atmosphere of your home.

This lounge chair was made in an exclusive partnership with the California design company Lawson-Fennig. It’s an effective mashup of divergent design elements, with its metal arms, wooden blocks, and weaving back made of Danish paper. 

This chair, with its chic splash of colour provided by the white leather, would look at home in a film by Nancy Meyers, at Gwyneth Paltrow’s summer house, or in your own home.

Most reviews vouch for this chair’s comfort, but many can’t decide whether it’s more of a showpiece or a casual seat, which speaks to its adaptability. Obtainable in your choice of cherry, white oak, or walnut.

The braided leather seat and back of this roomy chair offers a nice contrast to bolder patterns like checkerboard or stripes on a rug.

This simple chair offers a choice between a low (12-inch) or high (16-inch) seat, making it ideal for lounging at any level. The Italian vegetable-tanned leather and oil-finished wood ensure that this chair maintains its pristine appearance even if you have a tendency to be clumsy.

Animal-free cheetah chairs

Check out this foldable chair that can be taken on safari (or even simply to the park) and put back together at your convenience. 

This outdoor chair is made of vegan leather, folds in half, and has a carry handle. The chair’s upward slope is matched by the ottoman’s downward curvature. 

Need some outdoor furniture? This weather-resistant woven hunting chair is available in three different colours to ensure a perfect fit with your existing patio furniture. The FSC seal of approval guarantees that the wood comes from responsibly managed forests.

Sling seats reminiscent to those seen on a safari

The seat, which comes in marine blue, classic black, or white hide, is tied to the frame, which is made of beechwood or walnut, using suede ties.

This hand-made chair from Mexico is both sturdy and adaptable; use it as-is or add some nubby, textured blankets to change its look.

If you just want to kick back and relax, this is the perfect chair for you. Adjustable high back and cushioned headrest make it ideal for midday naps and Netflix binges. The maximum user weight is an impressive 350 pounds, making this chair a substantial upgrade above the average office chair.

HAY consistently delivers on products that successfully fuse form and function, and their spacious lounge chair is a great illustration of this. The seat is deep and supportive, and it may be had in either leather or canvas for a minimalist look.

This low seat is inspired by Mogensen’s Spanish chair, but it’s updated with a sleek wooden frame running down the length of the chair and joining the legs. Over time, the cognac leather back will expand and conform to your body thanks to the incorporated dowels.

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