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The typical dorm room set-up consists of a bed, a desk, a closet and one or two sets of drawers. Your available storage choices are thus somewhat constrained. I discovered that using dividers to divide the area and practically quadruple the number of storage spaces in my room was the best way to use them. 

Shelf dividers to create distinct areas for various sorts of objects if your bookcases or open shelves are available. This will keep your possessions from falling over and allow you to make the most of your vertical space.

A sock drawer divider was useful for keeping all of my delicates in one place when organising drawers and preventing them from becoming misplaced. When space is limited, I discovered that one divider kept both socks and chargers at the same time. These sorts of dividers may also serve as cable management in drawers. 


It might be tempting to use each item of storage furniture just for its ‘designated’ use. Keeping just clothing in a wardrobe and dresser, or only office supplies on a desk. I rapidly saw that homogeneity was not an option when it comes to storage in limited areas. I had to give up on making everything appear like it came straight off of Pinterest. 

For instance, take into account utilising a desk as both a vanity and a place to study. Simply add a mirror or mobile tabletop, then keep accessories, cosmetics, and other items in the desk drawers. By doing so, you may save room by doing without a separate vanity.

Similar to how a bookshelf may be used for more than just its intended use. Use baskets or boxes to store non-perishable food products, snacks, and cooking tools to transform it into a pantry. Even the top of the bookshelf can be used as extra counter space for meal preparation.


If you and your roommate decide to purchase fresh furnishings for your area, it is important to choose items that may serve many purposes and provide bedroom storage, like ottomans and cabinets with closed doors to hide your possessions. 

I made the mistake of attempting to design open bookshelves around my room, and I can guarantee you that you won’t be able to maintain things completely tidy and organised if you have a hectic study schedule. 

The ability to lock the doors on your clutter will enable you to have a variety of inexpensive baskets loaded with concealed junk without worrying about the aesthetics of it all, despite the frequent advice that open, airy furniture is preferable for tiny bedroom storage. 

Closed storage also offers the chance for customisation and individualization. You may pick furniture pieces with doors that complement the design and colour palette of your dorm room, giving the area a harmonious and fashionable feel.

Closed-door choices should be prioritised when thinking about storage solutions for your dorm room. They provide a cleaner, more organised, and aesthetically appealing living environment by providing both functional advantages and aesthetic appeal.


Laundry quickly accumulates in a tiny dorm room, particularly if there are two or more people living there. I thought my split laundry basket for pre-sorting my laundry would make me the most practical person on the floor when I went off to college, that is, until the hefty baskets didn’t really fit in my room. 

I decided that concealing a laundry basket was a better solution and used detachable Command Hooks (purchased at Walmart) to place two wash bags—one for bright clothes and the other for dark—on the inside of my closet door. When I wanted to carry my laundry home, they were very helpful!

You may even share these bags with your flatmate if you get along well with them in order to make the laundry build up faster and make washing it more worthwhile.

A hanging laundry bag is another practical option for getting your dirty stuff to the laundry facility. Without the need for an additional washing basket or bag, just disconnect it from its hanging location and take it with you.

You can efficiently manage your dirty clothes while making the most of the space in your compact living space by including a hanging laundry bag in your dorm room organisation.


The worst aspect of living in a shared or leased place is probably not being able to screw or nail anything to the walls of your dorm room. Therefore, utilising vertical space might be challenging if you don’t use Command Hooks for bags and coats. 

In order to assist organise the desk and contain some of my notes and stationery, my dad and I created some custom standing shelves before I went off to college. These shelves fit perfectly on my dorm room desk. This offered me some useful storage space and made my workstation a little bit more functional. 

Fortunately, it’s also simple to purchase comparable ready-made shelving systems to maximise your productivity, like this desk shelving unit from The Container Store. 

Standing shelves might also provide some character and visual interest to your dorm room. To enhance the attractiveness of your space overall, you may display plants, artwork, or decorative things on the shelves.

By adding standing shelves to your desk, you can use the available vertical space while also expanding your storage options, making your dorm room more functional and orderly.

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