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White wall decor has perks and downsides. White walls provide a neutral background for pattern, style, and colour mixing. White walls also brighten a room. 

However, a lack of wall colour might make your house seem drab or uninviting. 

You may make your white-walled area attractive by decorating with colour, combining patterns, and being bold with furnishings.  

Rugs and curtains provide texture.

Curtains and carpets may warm up white walls. Cottons, linens, natural fibres, and velvet may provide texture and personalise your room. 

Rugs give colour, warmth, sound absorption, and focus points. You may add personal flair and prevent white walls by choosing the correct drapes, cushions, throw blankets, and table runners.  


Lighting transforms a place. White walls make a place brighter, therefore using various lighting may make it cosier. 

Changing light bulbs, table lamps, or drapes may change your illumination. 

However, replacing ceiling lighting or installing window coverings might make a significant difference. Coloured light bulbs and translucent drapes may help lend depth to a room.  

 Showcase art.

White walls are perfect for displaying art, whether you like contemporary photography or handcrafted pottery. 

To maximise this bare background, add white-painted shelves or light-colored furniture to highlight paintings and provide depth.

White walls are perfect for creating gallery walls with your favourite framed artworks and photos.  

 Welcome plants.

Indoor plants, hanging vines, and miniature succulents may warm up a room with white walls. 

Houseplants offer colour and liveliness to any space. Houseplants may purify the air and boost your mood, turning your house into a home. 

Consider low-maintenance solutions if you can’t garden.  

 Try bright colours. 

Moving into a white-walled room gives you complete flexibility to decorate and experiment with colour. 

White walls allow you choose your own colour palette, whether you want bright or darker, moodier tones. 

Consider selecting a colour palette early on while decorating. When shopping for curtains, rugs, painted furniture, and more, use your established colours to create a more coherent look. 

 Bold patterns  

White walls provide us additional pattern options. Patterns may help you create a fashionable, personalised area with a neutral background. 

Start by choosing your home’s colour palette if you’re new to pattern decorating. Mixing patterns, repeat patterns, and pattern sizes (such as little and big polka dots) lets you have more fun picking design pieces for your area.  

 Think neutral.  

Consider your minimalist style before adding colours and patterns. If you want a clean palette, choose furniture and materials that complement the white-painted walls before adding too many accents or accessories. 

Undyed linens, bleached wood, beige-painted furniture, transparent glass, and light-colored stones may help you appreciate the white walls.  

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