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We all know that small houses have a limited area and home decoration can only be built in a small and refined way. The living room, bedroom, dining room, and bathroom are all small in size. It is very important to use the space in an accurate way. If we talk about the bathroom, it must be separated. If you can’t install a shower room, you can only save it with simple shower curtains. The shower curtain is just a piece of waterproof cloth, which can be opened during the shower to prevent water from splashing to other places in the bathroom, and it can be put away when not in use to save bathroom space.

Shower curtains are available in various colors, patterns, and designs, allowing you to choose one that suits your bathroom decor. They can add a decorative element to the bathroom and can be easily installed. They are easy to use and maintain. In this guide, we will let you know complete details about shower curtains.

Parts of a shower curtain

The usual shower curtain is composed of three parts: the curtain body, the shower curtain rod, and the hook, and the structure is particularly simple.

  • Shower curtain rods are made of many materials, with different shapes and sizes. The common one is the straight rod type, which is used in small bathrooms; the semi-circular or semi-curved shower curtain rod is mostly used in the larger shower area of ​​the bathroom.
  • The curtain material of the shower curtain is also very simple, without too many fancy materials. Ordinary traditional plastics, cotton cloth, newly developed synthetic materials: polyvinyl chloride (PVC), environmentally friendly PEVA. As for the color and pattern, you can have more choices, and you can choose according to your own needs.
  • The function of the hook is to connect the shower curtain rod with the shower curtain, and it is divided into plastic and stainless steel according to the material. The two materials have their own advantages. It is recommended to use plastic hooks for straight shower curtain rods, and stainless steel for semi-circular or semi-curved shower curtain rods, which is convenient for daily use.

It is important to choose one according to the space and style of your bathroom

Tip to choose shower curtains

The main function of the shower curtain is to block water stains, so the shower curtain is particularly important. So what types of shower curtains are currently on the market, and how should we choose shower curtains?

How to choose shower curtains?

1- Consider the size

It is necessary to measure the size of your bathroom before choosing a curtain. The size of the shower curtain is calculated by width and height. The commonly used shower curtain size in the world is 180 by 180. Shower curtains should be wider than necessary. Because the curtain needs to have room for expansion, if the width is not enough, it will not be pulled tightly. The height of the shower curtain is mostly 180-200 cm, which is enough for daily needs. However, when installing, pay attention to the space of 1-2 cm from the hem of the shower curtain to the ground, do not mop the floor, it is easy to get dirty, and it is easy to tear the shower curtain if you are not paying attention.

2- Consider the material

The most common shower curtain materials PVC and PEVA are environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and tasteless. The shower curtain made of PVC material has good transparency, is relatively strong and durable, and has a good drape, but the hand feeling is relatively ordinary, and the square gram weight is the highest. The PEVA material is smooth, and of course, it feels good. Its drape and feel are determined by the amount of EVA content. The higher the EVA content, the softer the feel, and the better the drape, the heavier it is.

3- Consider the thickness

The thickness of the shower curtain determines the shielding effect of the shower curtain. A thin shower curtain has good light transmission and poor shielding. A shower curtain that is too thick will affect the air permeability and water resistance, and it will be difficult to dry the shower curtain after it gets wet. Generally speaking, the thickness of the shower curtain is between 0.1-0.15mm. When purchasing, choose the thickness of the shower curtain according to the shading requirements.

How to choose shower curtains?

4- Consider packaging of the shower curtains

When the shower curtain is packaged, talcum powder will be sprinkled to prevent the shower curtain from sticking together and protect the newly printed ink pattern on the shower curtain. When using a new shower curtain, wipe it with a damp cloth first, hang it up, and rinse it with water to remove the talcum powder on it.

5- Consider the smell

Except for solid-color shower curtains, other patterned shower curtains need to be printed with ink. During the printing process, a certain smell will be produced. The shower curtain printed by the machine will basically not produce smell, while the shower curtain printed by hand has a relatively strong smell. After getting the new shower curtain, take it out and hang it up, ventilate, and the smell of ink will slowly evaporate.

How to install shower curtains?

The installation of the shower curtain is a relatively simple job without any technical requirements. The current shower curtain rods do not need to be drilled and almost all the shower curtain rods on the market and online are free of drilling, which is convenient for installation.

If you are afraid that it will not be firm or want some relatively novel shower curtain rods, then you have to ask a professional master to come and install them, and you must not try it lightly. You can follow the given method to install a shower curtain in your bathroom.

Determine the position of the water retaining strip according to the location arrangement of the bathroom shower area. It must be remembered that the water retaining strip needs to be installed on the outside of the shower curtain; otherwise, the water will stay outside when you are not showering.

The shower curtain rod without punching is usually a straight rod, the length can be shrunk, and the length can be controlled according to the width of the shower area so that it can be directly adsorbed on the wall.

After installing the shower curtain rod, you can string the shower curtain hook on the shower curtain rod, and finally connect the hook to the shower curtain to get it done.

Shower curtains cleaning tips

Cleaning shower curtains regularly can enhance the life span and value of a curtain. Here are some tips for cleaning a shower curtain.

How to choose shower curtains?

Regular maintenance is necessary

You should keep an eye on curtains if you want the best results. Try to keep your shower curtain clean on a regular basis. After each shower, pull the curtain closed to allow it to dry properly and minimize moisture retention.

Spot cleaning

You can check a shower curtain manually to find spots on it and then clean them using a mixture of baking soda and water or a mild stain remover. Apply the solution to the stained area, gently scrub with a soft brush or sponge, and rinse thoroughly. In this way, you can make it neat and clean without any hard work.

Hand washing

Put the shower curtain in the basin, wash it with 30° soapy water, wring it out and dry it naturally. If you encounter mildew that is difficult to remove, you can use bleach to clean it.

Machine washing

After mixing vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:3, soak the shower curtain in it overnight. The next day, just wash the shower curtain in the quick wash mode of the washing machine.


After washing, now it’s time to dry the curtain.  This helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew. If using a fabric shower curtain, you can also tumble dry it on a low heat setting, following the manufacturer’s instructions

Maintenance of shower curtains

Although the shower curtain is made of waterproof materials, we should also pay attention to moisture and mildew. Try to ventilate the bathroom after showering to avoid moisture buildup that can linger in the bathroom and lead to moldy shower curtains. In our daily life, we can hang a pack of dehumidification bags in the bathroom, which can effectively prevent the bathroom products such as shower curtains and towels from becoming moldy due to excessive humidity in the bathroom.

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