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It’s time to pay a little attention to the bathroom you’ve been ignoring. There are numerous simple methods to entirely alter a bathroom in just a weekend and on a budget, even if you’re not ready to commit to a down-to-the-studs bathroom redesign or if you’re a tenant. To help you get motivated, we’ve compiled a list of affordable bathroom remodelling ideas, along with some advice from Brenna Darling, author of Tastemade’s Weekend Refresh.

Cost-Saving Secrets for Bathroom Renovation

The exhilaration of change may sometimes be overshadowed by the worry of hefty expenditures when starting a bathroom remodelling project. However, it is quite feasible to design a beautiful room without breaking the bank. Strategic preparation and decisions are the secret. Instead of completely replacing old components, use cost-effective alternatives like renewing them. Instead of spending money on new fixtures, think about reglazing your existing tub or repainting your vanity. Use affordable but fashionable flooring materials like vinyl or ceramic tile. Always shop around before making a decision, and take advantage of off-season discounts. These cost-effective techniques will enable you to realise the bathroom of your dreams while maintaining your financial stability.

Stunning Bathroom Makeovers on a Shoestring Budget

When you approach it properly, transforming a bathroom into a magnificent one on a tight budget is far from impossibly difficult. Consider making significant but reasonable adjustments rather than spending a lot of money on complete renovations. This might include upgrading fixtures with inexpensive but stylish alternatives, painting your outdated bathroom cabinets for a new appearance, or just adding low-cost yet noticeable additions like a new shower curtain, bath mat or mirror. For a high-end aesthetic without the high-end price tag, invest in excellent yet reasonably priced tile. Always remember that it’s about making wise decisions and understanding when to spend money and when to save it. With these techniques, you may get remarkable results on a tight budget.

Including Peel-and-Stick Flooring

Peel-and-stick flooring is one of Darling’s favourite methods to give a bathroom a facelift, and it’s more resilient and long-lasting than you would imagine. “Vinyl-like material is frequently used in peel-and-stick flooring,” she claims. It may be washed and used for walking on. 

Additionally, peel-and-stick carpeting often has fun patterns, allowing you to go for a dramatic flooring design without making a commitment.

Smart and Cost-Effective Bathroom Redesign Ideas

Remodelling a bathroom doesn’t have to be very expensive. In truth, you may significantly improve the look of your home using clever and economical ways. Find out where making tiny adjustments might have a large effect to start. For instance, painting the walls or cupboards in your bathroom a fresh, daring colour may completely transform the space. Next, think about updating worn-out hardware, such as faucets and knobs, which would substantially modernise your room without requiring a huge expenditure. If your budget permits, think about using inexpensive materials for an upmarket aesthetic, such as luxury vinyl or subway tiles. Above all, properly plan your makeover to maximise your investment.

Apply wallpaper to it

You may easily complete the job of wallpapering a small bathroom or powder room in the hours from Friday to Sunday. Peel-and-stick flooring is often a good choice for a bathroom, but peel-and-stick wallpaper isn’t because of its lesser weight and propensity to lift.

For a bathroom, Darling states, “I would definitely only recommend pasted or traditional wallpaper.” Peel-and-stick is not going to be your buddy since it will peel off immediately if it becomes heated inside.

Insert beadboard

Even though installing beadboard backsplash is a more difficult DIY project that calls for certain power equipment, the improvement it provides to the room justifies the time and work. Here’s a little design hint from Darling: Your bathroom’s upper half should be wallpapered, and the beadboard should be painted in a colour that matches the wallpaper. Even better, you may ask the paint retailer to color-match the paint to the wall covering.

Just Paint It

All a bathroom needs on sometimes is a new coat of paint. Going light and breezy with a pastel colour may be the ideal strategy if you’re dealing with a tiny windowless bathroom. However, a little powder room is also a fantastic location to use bolder paint. If the tile in your bathroom has an accent colour, painting it a variation of that colour will bring the space together.

A different grout colour

Grout has a limited lifespan and might be challenging to clean if it has passed its prime. Depending on the size of your room, painting your grout is a simple DIY project that only takes 3 to 8 hours and costs $15 to $30.

You may go from a dark colour grout to a light colour grout if you desire to re-grout. Alternately, you may use a staining agent to change the grout from light to black, which will really make it stand out. Darling advises use a grout pen. According to her, a grout pen is a marker intended for use on grout. “Once the grout is coloured, you may wipe it off the tile and clean it as normal. If your grout is cleaner and more vibrant, it simply truly improves your whole appearance.

Upgrade your vanity yourself

Paint and new knobs might work wonders on your bathroom vanity if you don’t have the time or money to replace it. Just be sure to prepare your cabinets properly and select paint that is suitable for bathrooms and can handle dampness.

Create a niche

Malcolm Simmons, an Emily Henderson design contributor, renovated his bathroom and included a little alcove to the right of the washbasin. If you have a sink with no counter or storage, like a pedestal sink, this is a perfect solution. Before sawing through your plasterboard, just be sure to look for live wires or plumbing lines.

New Mirror or Medicine Cabinet to Hang

If you’re not satisfied with your present mirror, replacing it is simple and often affordable. Choosing a circular mirror over a traditional rectangular one may provide a contemporary but delicate touch. You may swap out your old, rickety medicine cabinet with a new one that is the same size if it has seen better days. If the medicine cabinet is recessed, you may need to drill a slightly larger hole in your drywall or caulk any little gaps.

Make Use of an Old Mirror

A simple DIY project that isn’t only for art is building a frame. Building a unique frame and using command strips to fasten it to your plain bathroom mirror can give it some flair. A frame may give your mirror a nice antique vibe and make it seem a bit more regal, according to Darling.

Enhance Your Windows

Windows without trim might sometimes seem a little sparse. Think of draping thick, elaborate trim over them if you want to get a more vintage or maximalist aesthetic.

Replace the Shower Door

Maybe your bathroom’s frosted shower door is outdated, or maybe your shower curtain arrangement constantly seems to let water out. Whatever the situation, replacing the shower door is a possibility. With only $300 and three hours, you can do this task and check it off your to-do list.

Your Ceiling With Shiplap

Installing shiplap on a ceiling can take you around one to two days and an intermediate skill level, if you’re prepared for a little extra work. You should budget $500 for supplies. If it is too expensive for you, you may create a similar atmosphere by painting your ceiling a bright colour.

Make Your Pedestal Washbasin Skirt

Although pedestal sinks are classic, you can run into a storage problem. You can sew some cloth into a washbasin skirt and store a basket of toiletries or extra toilet paper below with only a few threads.

Hanging Shelves

If a washbasin skirt isn’t really your thing, shelving is an alternative inexpensive method to increase storage. Darling advises installing shelves on studs if feasible and stabilising them with brackets and wall anchors.

Lift Off Your Hardware

Choose a distinctive towel hook and toilet paper holder if you value the little things in life. It takes less than 30 minutes to update these features using the proper screws and wall anchors. You’ll be left with a useful decorative item that will make you smile every time you use it. In a same vein, you may replace the standard covers for your outlet, light switch, and vents with more aesthetically pleasing ones.

Refresh the sconces’ shades and bulbs.

While replacing your sconces is unquestionably a DIY project, replacing the light covers is a lot simpler and more cost-effective option. Darling advises not to undervalue the influence of selecting the proper sort of light bulb. She advises using soft white lights since they are aesthetically pleasing and provide the best visibility for doing cosmetics.

Create a backsplash for a vanity

It might be costly and scary to remove your floor or bathroom tile and replace it. A far more accessible option to test out tiling is to build a modest backsplash behind your vanity.

Install a Bold Chandelier

An elegant spot to hang a contemporary or vintage chandelier is over a bathtub. If your bathtub doesn’t have a light connector, you may hang the light fixture from a hook and swag it with a chain. If you opt to add a medallion, bonus points.

Revisit your faucets

If the washbasin tap seems like it was made of “builder grade,” you may completely replace it. A new washbasin tap may usually be installed in 1 to 2 hours.

Decorate the floor tiles.

While vibrant peel-and-stick floor tiles are a great way to add curiosity to your bathroom floor, an even more cost-effective option is to paint a design using a stencil.

Decorate Your Bathtub

You don’t like the way your bathtub looks. Actually, you could paint it. If the outside of the clawfoot tub is given a new coat of paint, it may look wonderful. Another DIY option is reglazing your bathtub, however it may not last as long as professional reglazing.

Change the accessories

Small items could be what your bathroom still lacks after a redesign, if you feel that way. For instance, adding a little wooden bench for towel storage next to a bathtub may make the area more useful and cosy. Darling also exhorts you to invest in quality art. She suggests canvas items since they often can handle dampness.

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