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How to choose bedsheets for better sleep

You’d think selecting out new linens for your bed would be as easy as walking into the shop and choosing a set within your budget, right? However, it may be complicated and stressful. 

So many choices. Weaves vary. Thread counts. A blend. Ugh. Sizes—how do you determine whether a standard-size sheet will suit your bed? You want affordable linens that last and wash well. Shopping for bedding is stressful? 

Don’t worry—we’ve got you. We created a short guide to help you choose the finest bed linens. 


1. Consider fibre content. 

Fibre, then. Sheet fibre type matters, oddly enough. Selecting fibres affects sheet feel and quality. 

100% cotton sheets are silky soft, sturdy, and affordable. Egyptian or Pima cotton, which costs more but is softer and more durable, might improve your sleep. 

Cotton-polyester bedding are cheaper. These feel more synthetic but last longer and don’t wrinkle. 

2. Thread count isn’t everything. 

Naturally, greater thread counts mean nicer sheets, right? I concur. Not necessarily. 

When looking for new sheets, be aware that those with high thread counts are made from triple-ply fibres rather than single-ply. Each fibre triples the thread count, therefore a sheet with 300 fibres would be 900 thread count.

Some high-thread-count linens are authentic, but you must know how to tell. The label should reveal whether a sheet’s thread count has been intentionally increased. 

3. Consider weaves. 

Consider sheet weaves and how they affect sheet comfort. Percale and sateen are popular weaves. Satin-like sateen is softer than grid-like percale. 

Personal choice determines the ideal weave. Choose sheets with the same weave as your favourite ones. 

4. Consider mattress depth (not just standard sheet sizes) 

Many individuals assume a standard-sized sheet will suit their mattress depth. Newer mattresses, particularly boxed mattresses, are deeper than old mattresses, thus typical sheet sizes don’t usually work. Before selecting sheets, consider your mattress depth and topper. Some folks use deep-fit sheets or larger bedding to address this problem. 

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